15 April 2011

Fimo Fun

So, recently I remembered that I have a huge box of Fimo polymer clay under my bed that I haven't done anything with since the first year of Uni. It seems a shame, since I really enjoy making stuff with it, so I've been making little figurines of various things for the past couple of days. 
I reckon as well that this could potentially be a way for me to make a bit of extra money, so I'm going to be making some beasties to sell in my Etsy shop. I'll also be taking commissions on them once I've worked out the logistics of it, so if anybody is interested, watch this space!

I figure that its good to have a variety in what you do, and I'm going to try and keep up making stuff like this in the evenings so I can use it as a bit of a break from animation, but at the same time be doing something creative. I'll post some of them up here when I do them. For the mean time, enjoy Mr Boney!- A skull faced boy made for Becky (did I mention the skull glows in the dark)


28 March 2011


Just a quick post to say that I am still doing stuff! My uni project 'Cub' is continuing fine, and some of the shots are looking pretty good now. Unfortunately, I suffered a personal loss a few weeks ago, and I've lost quite a lot of time from my schedule while I've been dealing with it. But now that I've started up working again, I'll be able to update here with some new stuff very soon.
Anyway, I thought it was about time I posted something here, so I thought I'd just share this doodle I did while I was watching Doctor Who last night.
Until next time,

25 February 2011

Gotta draw 'em all

For a while now, I've kinda wanted to draw all the Pokemon, and I decided this week that when I have a chance between doing Uni work and such, I'm going to try and work through them and doodle them all. Well, I say all...nowadays there are 649 Pokemon, and I think that's a bit too ambitious. I'm going to draw the first 151 (so from Bulbasaur to Mew). I'll keep posting them up here as I get them done.


23 February 2011

The stripy nightmare begins

So, production on 'Cub' started week before last and I'm beginning to really appreciate how hard I've made everything for myself. Keeping track of stripes and whiskers and fingers and toes is proving to be a bit nightmarish...anyway, I think it's do-able.
I had a rushes panel on Monday with the lecturers, and they seemed reasonably positive about the project (if a little concerned about the timeframe I have in which to finish it).

I was struggling with a tiger walk cycle last week, and doing lots and lots of drawings that I just wasn't happy with. One of my tutors, Teagan, suggested that I took some time out and just drew lots of pictures of my tiger character to get more to grips with it, which really helped me nail down the cycle.

Also, the wonderful Jacqui Davis has been hard at work on the backgrounds for the film, and they're just wonderful! Totally perfect...you can see them all here.
All my second years have been doing an excellent job! Elodie has done some designs for the toy tiger the boy plays with at the start of the film (which are here), as well as an amazing piece of animation, and Lauren has been doing some designs for the deer. 

I'm getting quite excited now about seeing the project come together, and I'm going to try and keep the blog up-to-date with developments


31 January 2011

New year, new project

So, I'm about to start production on my final film for my Uni degree. Scary stuff, but I figure it's going to be fine...I've set my sights quite high, and have already managed to turn a simple idea into a relatively complex operation! The good news is that I've been lucky enough to get some very talented people to help me out with it all.

I'm currently working on my storyboards for the film, and hopefully they'll be completed in the next couple of days, so that I can get my animatic done before next week. 

I'm also working on a project for The Dove Service- a local charity in Stoke-on-Trent. A team of us are working together to create a new, animated, section for their website which they hope will appeal to children and young people who are visiting the site.

On top of all of this, I'm also trying to put together an application for the Disney Talent Development program- because you never know, do you- which means that I'm going to be trying to get lots of life drawing done, as well as trying to polish up some of my work from last semester and doing some examples of lipsync to put in there.

So it's all go! I'm going to find the time to regularly update the blog as well, so hopefully there's going to be a sort of production diary going on here. I'll probably post again later in the week with more information on the projects, as well as hopefully some extracts from the storyboards.