15 April 2011

Fimo Fun

So, recently I remembered that I have a huge box of Fimo polymer clay under my bed that I haven't done anything with since the first year of Uni. It seems a shame, since I really enjoy making stuff with it, so I've been making little figurines of various things for the past couple of days. 
I reckon as well that this could potentially be a way for me to make a bit of extra money, so I'm going to be making some beasties to sell in my Etsy shop. I'll also be taking commissions on them once I've worked out the logistics of it, so if anybody is interested, watch this space!

I figure that its good to have a variety in what you do, and I'm going to try and keep up making stuff like this in the evenings so I can use it as a bit of a break from animation, but at the same time be doing something creative. I'll post some of them up here when I do them. For the mean time, enjoy Mr Boney!- A skull faced boy made for Becky (did I mention the skull glows in the dark)


1 comment:

  1. Hi there, I'm very eager to get in contact with you about a few projects I'd like commissioned in Fimo.

    Please get back to me ASAP!